The SparkShift Series

The SparkShift Series

(Pocket Books Edition)
By Adriana Girdler

Welcome to the SparkShift series, which includes 6 pocket books written for entrepreneurs, company leaders, and individuals seeking inspiration, growth and change. Recognizing that most people no longer have separate home and work lives, the SparkShift series is designed for the 21st-century landscape, where business life blends seamlessly with home life. The SparkShift series offers practical and philosophical guidance on the path to greater efficiency, prosperity and fulfillment.

Books in the SparkShift Series:

  • Opening the Doors to Empowerment: Remove obstacles and start realizing your full potential
  • The Value of Vision: Why seeing your path can be half your journey
  • Take Back Your Day! A guide to productivity at work and at a home
  • Spaces That Work: The 5 simple steps to efficient offices and homes
  • Good Meetings = Great Results! How to meet less and achieve more
  • Intuition at Work: When to look beyond the data and trust your gut