Combo Pack: Visual Vision

Combo Pack: Visual Vision

Crafting your personal vision statement has never been easier with our special combo offer: The Value of Vision pocket book and The Visual Vision Statement Workbook. These complimentary books will help you create a unique, meaningful, and personalized visual vision statement.

The Value of Vision pocket book explores the single most important step you can take in order to improve your efficiency and productivity: setting your vision statement down in writing.

The Visual Vision Statement Workbook takes your vision statement to the next level when you complete exercises that will uncover your life's theme and guides you to create your own visual vision.

This video is here to help guide you on how to use The Visual Vision Statement Workbook. I'm sharing this with you because I want you to see the power behind visioning. It's really cool.

The video below shows a different jacket cover,
but the inside of the book has not changed.


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