The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Personal Edition

The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Personal Edition

Create a personal visual vision statement that sticks! 

Having a personal vision statement and core values are critical if you want to achieve true success and satisfaction in life that live up to your heart’s desires. 

This book goes step-by-step and guides you through the process of reflecting on your life vision and core values to create one that sticks with you for the long term. 

Vision statements allow you to understand where exactly you want to go so that you can be successful. You can use your vision statement as your personal GPS and compass in life to guide you to making the right decisions and taking opportunities that are right for you. 

Take some time to go through this rewarding process of creating a visual vision statement that resonates with you. 

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For the ebook: you’ll need a pen and some paper to complete the exercises.

This video is here to help guide you on how to use this book. I'm sharing this with you because I want you to see the power behind visioning. It's really cool. NOTE: The video shows a different jacket cover, but the inside of the book has not changed.


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