The Entrepreneur Biz Bundle

The Entrepreneur Biz Bundle

3 great resources to make you the most productive business owner you know.

With these 3 products, you’ll learn to save time, decrease stress, and be more productive in your personal and professional life.

Get Unstuck: 21 Days to Better Productivity

SparkShift Pocketbook Series

The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Business Edition

Receive the Get Unstuck: 21 Days to Better Productivity daily e-mail that provides insights and tips to set you on the path for greater productivity.
The SparkShift pocketbook series are 6 short, easy to read pocketbooks that offer practical and philosophical guidance on the path to greater efficiency, prosperity and fulfillment. The books are: 

  • Opening the Doors to Empowerment: Remove obstacles and start realizing your full potential
  • The Value of Vision: Why seeing your path can be half your journey
  • Take Back Your Day! A guide to productivity at work and at a home
  • Spaces That Work: The 5 simple steps to efficient offices and homes
  • Good Meetings = Great Results! How to meet less and achieve more
  • Intuition at Work: When to look beyond the data and trust your gut

      The Visual Vision Statement Workbook helps you uncover your business theme and create your own visual vision statement.

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