Visual Vision Statements ~ A Work of Art

Take your vision statement to the next level and make it a work of art that your employees see, live, and breath every day.

A visual vision statement provides absolute clarity about where your organization is going. A visual vision statement will:

  • Guide strategic decisions, set priorities, and direct planning
  • Align people across the organization and break down siloed thinking and activities
  • Empower and instill confidence in your employees
  • Act as a source of inspiration and spark creativity

Develop your corporate vision statement and make it a work of art.

This innovative workshop, led by Adriana Girdler, focuses on creating a meaningful vision statement that truly inspires and is used as a daily strategic tool.


Visual Vision Statement Examples. Click To Expand.

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If you’re interested in creating a powerful visual vision statement that speaks to your team, contact Adriana Girdler.

Corporate Theme Songs

Inspire your team and reinforce you vision statement & purpose

With your team, we transform your vision statement into a melody and create a music video that establishes your vision statement in the consciousness of your team.

Your vision statement theme song and video:

  • Offers a unique and fun team building activity.
  • Is a power and motivating sensory experience.
  • Acts as a source of inspiration and sparks creativity.
  • Can be used at company meetings, events, functions and trade shows.

The CornerStone Dynamics music video, also available on YouTube:

To create a corporate vision statement theme song and video that will get your organization singing the same song along the path to success, contact us for more details.

Personal Vision Statements ~ Inspire Your Team

DoodleandPocketGive your employees the gift of finding their life’s theme through the creation of their own vision statements.

Use The Value of Visual Vision pocket book and The Visual Vision Doodle Bookto:

  • Discover the power of a personal vision
  • Focus on their passion
  • Establish a guiding light that will drive all decisions
  • Determine exactly what they want their future to look like
  • Bring joy and purpose into their life
  • Create a happy team which leads to a more effective workplace

For personal Vision Statements that lead to happier employees, a more effective workplace, and a brighter future, visit our product page to order your books.

 Feedback about the Corporate Program

All teams – big and small should employ this process. It’s not only excellent in developing amazing vision statements, but it also is an insightful look into your team and their incredible capacity to create. - Tim Brown, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.

Thanks! This was an insightful, fun and worthwhile program. We will be enriched as a team because of it - Ryan Ward, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.