The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Business Edition

The Visual Vision Statement Workbook - Business Edition

For most people, coming up with your team or company’s vision statement can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a 'how to' guide to create a lasting vision statement for your team or company, you need this workbook.

This book takes your vision statement to the next level and makes it a work of art that your employees see, live, and breath every day. The end result (a pictorial vision statement) will provide a constant reminder, a ‘cue’ to saying ‘yes’ vs ‘no’.

A visual vision statement provides absolute clarity about where your organization is going. A visual vision statement will:

-Guide strategic decisions, set priorities, and direct planning
-Align people across the organization and break down siloed thinking and activities
-Empower and instill confidence in your employees
-Act as a source of inspiration and spark creativity

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For the ebook: you’ll need a pen and some paper to complete the exercises.